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Borough of Fox Chapel

401 Fox Chapel Road
Pittsburgh, PA  15238
(412) 963-1100 Office
(412) 963-1819 Office FAX
(412) 963-7220 Police (office/non-emergency)
(412) 963-1854 Police FAX


Direct Phone Number
Gary J. Koehler, Borough Manager 412-850-5022
Paul Bell, Code Services Director 412-850-5023
Dana A. Abate, Borough Secretary 412-850-5020
Joy A. Hardt, Finance Director 412-850-5021
Jeanine Mancuso, Assistant Finance Director 412-850-5029

Public Works Department

Direct Phone Number
Dempsey D. Bruce, PWD Superintendent 412-850-5026
Charles E. Smith, II, Superintendent of Sanitary Sewers 412-850-5030
Joseph W. Goldie
John Kachmar 412-850-5027
Robert L. Kurneck
Dante E. Moretti 412-850-5028
Craig Sammel
Roger P. Simonetti
Timothy Wargo

Police Department – Office Number: 412-963-7220

David M. Laux, Police Chief 412-850-5024
Mike J. Stevens, Sergeant 412-850-5025
Jeffrey D. Clark
Robert G. Katich
Richard Klein
Chad J. Lippert
Craig N. Sorg
Donald A. Stoner, Jr.
Stephen J. Vashie
Edward J. Ziegler

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