Type of Service Fee
Building Permits The fee for nonresidential and residential building permits for buildings, houses and accessory structures and for additions thereto, shall be the higher of the following:


A fee based on the area of construction equal to $0.30/sf of building space. In determining the building space, the area on each floor within the building or work envelope shall be counting including, but not limited to, the area of garages, basements and areas of upper floors which are open to the floor below (such as atria, open stairwell, etc.) but excluding the area of crawl spaces.


A fee based on the estimated cost of construction using the following table:


Estimated Constructions Cost               Fee

$0                           $   999                   $28.00

$1,000                   $ 1,999                 $33.00

$2,000                   $ 4,999                 $44.00

$5,000                   $ 9,999                 $61.00

$10,000                 $15,000                 $77.00


>$15,000 = $4.60 per $1,000 of estimated construction cost.

The estimated construction cost shall be determined by the Borough.


Plus the actual costs incurred by the Borough.

Demolition Permits The fee for a permit for the demolition of a building or structure less than 800 sf shall be $30 and for a building or structure 800 sf or greater shall be $210 plus actual costs.
Labor & Industry

Building Permit

Training Fund

$4 or charge equal to amount imposed by Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code (applies to each building permit and each demolition permit)
Building Permit Reinspections $35
Sanitary Sewer Connection & Tap-In $4,500/EDU
Dye Test Certification $350
Notice of Proposed Environmental Disturbance New Structure or Addition                             $130

Minor Subdivision (3 or less lots )                   $130

Major Subdivision (4 or more lots)                 $130

Plus $33/lot

Environmental Report                                     $165

Grading Permits <500 CY                               $250

Grading Permits >500 CY                               $500

Plus the actual costs incurred by the Borough

ZHB Appeal, Special Exception, Variance and Conditional Use $550

Plus the actual costs incurred by the Borough.

Driveway Permit $40

Plus the actual costs incurred by the Borough.

Subdivision/Land Development PRELIMINARY APPLICATIONS

Sub. Fee/Non-PRD: $165

Sub. Fee/PRD: $165 + $17/lot (or dwelling unit) in excess of 10


Escrow Deposit/PRD:

1-10 lots/DUs –     $1,250

11-20 lots/DUs – $1,800

21-30 lots/DUs – $2,500

31-40 lots/DUs – $4,125

Over 40 lots/DUs – $4,125 + $44/lot



Sub. Fee/Non PRD & PRD: $30/lot

Plus the actual costs incurred by the Borough.

Grading Permit ≤500 CY $165

≥500 CY $500

Plus actual costs incurred by the Borough.

No Lien Letters $30
Right-of-Way Permit New Application $550

Renewal $350/year

Construction Permit $250

Plus the actual costs incurred by the Borough.

Street Opening Permit $55 for ≤100 linear feet plus $55 per each additional 100 linear feet or portion thereof.


Plus the actual costs incurred by the Borough.


Security Deposit of $5,000 is required for each permit. The Security Deposit shall be in the form of cash, certified check, cashier’s bond or surety bond.


(In lieu of a separate deposit for each street opening, the Borough may permit applicants to make an annual security deposit for the anticipated cost of routine street openings and to provide separate deposits for non-routine projects. The Borough shall have the final determination as to whether a project is routine or non- routine.)

Solicitation Permit Every non-exempt applicant for a permit of business of peddling, canvassing or soliciting shall pay the following fees:

(1)   Investigation of applicant: $200

(2)   Permit (each person, including helpers/assistants): $15/day

Building Code Board of Appeals $550

Plus the actual costs incurred by the Borough.

Sewer tapping “cut-in” fee $225
Sewer Camera $110/hour
Sanitary Sewer Lateral Re-inspection $55
Borough Maps

  • Zoning Map
  • Street Map
  • Park Map
GIS Maps $30/page
Copy of

  • Natural Resources/ Protection         Ordinance
  • Subdivision
  • Zoning
  • Std. Provisions Public Improvements
Photo Copies 8.5 x 11   – $0.25/page

8.5 x 14   – $0.40/page

11 x 17   – $0.55/page

Kennel Fee $125/call out
Police Report $15
Notary Service $5
Zoning Certification Letter $55
Storm Sewer Tap-in Fee $110

Plus actual costs incurred by the Borough.