Home Occupation

Home Occupation Regulations

General Definition
An occupation carried on in a residential dwelling by a resident thereof which is a customary and accessory use.

Specific Uses
Permitted home occupations, provided they comply with the Definitional Controls listed below shall include, but not be limited to, the professions of architect, artist, clergyman, engineer, doctor, lawyer, musician, writer, and teachers giving instruction to not more than two pupils at any one time.

Specific Prohibitions
The following uses will not be considered home occupations and cannot be carried on as a home occupation: Band instrument instruction in groups, real estate offices, offices for insurance agents or brokers, beauty shops, automobile (and other vehicles, including boats) inspections or repairs, bakeries, day care, landscaping, boarding or breeding kennels and convalescent homes. This list of prohibitions is not intended to be an exclusive list of all uses which are not considered home occupations hereunder.

Definitional Controls
All home occupations are required to comply with the following: 1) there shall be no sign or display of any kind except one accessory use sign as defined in the Zoning Ordinance; 2) the use shall not require internal or external alteration or construction of features not customary and accessory in dwellings, and shall be clearly incidental to the primary use of the premises for residential purposes; 3) no traffic shall be generated by such home occupation in greater volumes than would be normal and typical in a residential neighborhood; 4) any parking required by the conduct of such home occupation shall be off the street and shall be limited to a total of four outside spaces; 5) no portion of home occupation use may be carried on outside of the dwelling house; 6) no outside storage of materials is permitted; 7) excessive noise and odors are not permitted; 8) no wholesale or retail transactions are permitted, other than sales of articles which are actually produced on the premises; (“wholesale or retail transaction” does not include (i) transactions conducted on the telephone or Internet and (ii) transactions of a sporadic and non-recurring nature, where no inventory is kept on the premises); 9) the maximum number of persons who carry on or are employed in the home occupation may be no more than three (including those of the residents who are so employed); and 10) the maximum number of business visitors at any one time may be no more than eight, except for transactions described in Item (8)(ii) above.

All persons conducting home occupations, whether such home occupation is currently existing or not, shall register with the Zoning Officer using the Home Occupation Registration Form.