Tree Removal

Tree Removal Procedures

Tree removal requests (10 trees and less) must be submitted to the Borough’s Tree Committee for approval.  The Tree Committee is a sub-committee of the Environmental Advisory Council (EAC).  Requests that exceed 10 trees are reviewed by the EAC. Dead trees do not require Borough approval. However, we ask that you email the Borough with the property address, number of dead trees, species and location for the record (

Tree Removal Application


Many activities are regulated in Fox Chapel Borough that might not be regulated elsewhere. For example, a permit must be issued before removing any living tree six (6) inches or greater in diameter measured at 4.5 feet above the ground. A permit is also required to move more than ten cubic yards of dirt (cut or fill), even if the area being disturbed is man-made. Likewise, activities that can increase stormwater runoff must be approved by the Borough. These activities, and more, are regulated by the Borough’s Natural Resource Assessment and Protection Ordinance (NRO), copies of which are available at the Borough Building.